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Homes for Horses Coalition

Safe Haven Equine Rescue is proud to be a member of The Homes for Horses Coalition.  Here is how Cindy Gendron describes the Coalition:

"The Homes for Horses Coalition is a national joint initiative of the Animal Welfare Institute, the ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States. It is a coalition of equine rescue and sanctuary organizations, grant makers and individuals interested in taking a proactive stance in ending horse slaughter and other forms of equine abuse while promoting growth, collaboration and professionalism in the equine rescue and protection community. There are currently more than 400 members representing horse rescue and sanctuary in almost every state. By working to end equine cruelty, advance the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement facilities and promote responsible horse ownership, The Homes for Horses Coalition is actively engaged in improving the lives of America's horses. The Coalition was instrumental in helping GFAS create their standards for equine sanctuaries and works closely with them. The Coalition also provides access to materials and training opportunities that enable the continuing professionalism of the equine rescue and care community, such as their webinar series and their annual national conference for equine rescues."  ~ Cindy Gendron, Homes for Horses Coalition. 

Here's a link for more info on the national conference:  National Horse Conference

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