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Services Offered

Safe Haven Equine Rescue offers multiple services to help horses of all kinds. These services are free to all law enforcement and government agencies, our rescue services are also free to all vets, and emergency management services. Safe Haven relies on the generous donations of our wonderful supporters.


If you know or are the Emergency Management Resource Officer for your county, you can help by giving them our name and phone number. We will respond wherever we are needed based on availability and resources. 

We investigate calls of neglect, collect evidence, assist in the pick up during a seizure, and testify in court when needed.                 Read More

Safe Haven has a trained emergency rescue team that can respond to a number of different situations.  Please see our Emergency Rescue page for details.

Our stray horse policy is in accordance with the stray animal laws.

Safe Haven participates in several community outreach programs every year. For more information about these programs, please see the Outreach page.

Safe Haven host multiple educational programs every year. For more information about these programs, please see the Education page.

To donate and support one of these programs click on the donate button below. 

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