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Law Enforcement Seizures

Law Enforcement Seizures 

We investigate calls of neglect, collect evidence, assist in the pick up during a seizure, and testify in court when needed. These steps allow us to work closely with law enforcement officers to help save horses from neglect. Since our founding in 1999 we have rescued over 700 horses from neglectful owners and helped prosecutors convict many of them. These are the horses that we rehabilitate and find new loving families for. If these horses can not be adopted out due to health problems they are moved into our sanctuary program to live out the rest of their lives here at Safe Haven with love and dignity. You can read about our rescues on our Rescues page. You can also follow us on Facebook so you always know when we are headed out to pick up horses. 

Starla was picked up under a seizure warrant in 2015 with a foal we called Little Rebel. She was severely starved and to the surprise of Safe Haven volunteers she was pregnant again. She recovered wonderfully and gave birth to a beautiful filly we named Angel. Starla, Angel, and Little Rebel all have loving families and wonderful homes now.

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