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Community Outreach

Supporting our community is very important to all the Board Members at Safe Haven. Not just because we rely on them for their support but because it is the RIGHT thing to do. 

Safe Haven Scholarship


Are you a High School Senior planning on pursuing a career in an animal related field?  Click here for our Scholarship Program.

Visits to the Hospital 

Each year Safe Haven takes our mascot, Rescue, to the hospital to visit kids. These visits are some of the most humbling experiences our Board Members and Volunteers face. Most the kids we visit with have never seen a horse and some do not speak any English. All of them have their own special needs, some are in wheelchairs, others are in portable beds, while a few are able to walk and run on their own or with the aid of a walker. No matter the struggles they face or needs they have - whether it is their first time or the hundredth time petting a horse - their eyes light up when they see our gentle giant Rescue come around the corner. The other favorite activity that all the kids enjoy is learning to throw a rope on the practice steer. 

Paying It Forward

There are those times that our rescue skills are not needed but that doesn't mean we can't help. Depending on available resources and the needs of a community Safe Haven does its very best to pay forward all the wonderful support we receive from so many people by helping others. We have taken livestock feed to Houston Texas during the floods of 2016, supplies to Moore Oklahoma after the tornadoes in 2013, feed and hay to the Panhandle of Texas after the fires in 2017, helped clean up debris after tornadoes hit Texas and Oklahoma in 2017, and so much more. 

Special Events

Safe Haven is invited to attend different events every year. Some events we are invited to as volunteers to help run a program, some ask us to bring our mascot so people who haven't been around horses can have a new experience, and others just need a hand or two. From handicapable rodeos to breast cancer survivor events to local fairs - No matter the event we do our best to lend a hand.

Keeping Horses At Home

At Safe Haven we understand that everyone falls on hard times and during these times a little help can go a long way. To help those in need we have started a program called "Keeping Horses At Home". If you are in need of help caring for your horses please let us know by completing the confidential form below: (an online form is in the works, but for now please download the PDF)

Requirements for Qualification

* Family or Individual Horse Owner 

* Horse must be kept in a horse friendly environment 

* Applicant must show proof that the horse has been appropriately cared for in the past (vet records, feed/hay receipts, farrier receipts)

* Applicant must show proof of need either from loss of employment or other financial hardship

Keeping Horses At Home Application

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