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Boone’s Will to Live

On 3/7/2019, the Nacogdoches Sherriff’s Department seized 4 horses that were being neglected. There was a 6-year-old stallion in this mix known as NC19-08 who was a body score of 2. For the next 30 days, a kind-hearted women fostered these 4 horses. During this time, NC19-08 gained enough weight that the Vet said he was heathy enough to geld.

On 4/8/2019, Safe Haven picked him up and took him to the Dr. Kincaid at Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic where he was gelded with no complications.

On 4/9/2019, Safe Haven picked him up from the Vet’s office. Unfortunately, during the trailer ride a blood clot came loose causing him to lose a lot of blood. As the closest Vet to the foster home, Safe Haven contacted Dr. Lockhart at Judson Road Animal Clinic. Had it not been for Dr. Lockhart being able to see him and stop the bleeding, NC19-08’s story would end here. Later that night, this poor little guy started to bleed again meaning another trip to the Vet. This time he got to see Dr. Juneau at Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Juneau decided that the best course of action for our little friend was to stay the night there so that the bleeding could be monitored. As he had already been under anesthesia twice in 48 hours, Dr. Juneau did not want to put him under again unless absolutely needed.

After 24 hours of observation, Dr. Juneau called Safe Haven to let us know that he could come home but that we had to keep a close eye on him as he was still swollen. So once again, Safe Haven went to pick him up to bring him home. After seeing how sweet and brave this little guy has been through all this, Safe Haven has decided to call him Boone which according to google means ‘a blessing’ or ‘a new kind of hero’ – which fits him perfectly.

Here we are on 4/12/19 headed back to the Vet with Boone. The swelling has gotten bad enough that he is straining to urinate. Dr. Juneau and her team at Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic are currently working on him to relieve the swelling.

After talking with all 3 Vets that have seen Boone, no one is sure why he is having such a hard time healing from a basic procedure, but rest assured he is receiving the best care that Safe Haven can give him.

You can help this top-notch care continue by mailing us a donation (4994 FM 2088, Gilmer, TX 76544), donating at our website or by calling the Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic at 903-856-6518 to make a payment on the Safe Haven Equine Rescue’s account. Every dollar donated insures that all the amazing horses we rescue received the very best care possible.

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