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Adoption Process

Adoption Policy

Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement Home Inc. makes a promise to all their horses that they will never have to endure abuse or neglect again. To keep that promise, there are guidelines for all adoptions.

There is an application that must be filled out, submitted, and approved before an adopter may take possession of the horse. The fee for adopting is $300 per horse. All approvals will be based on the adopter’s ability to provide a safe and secure home for the horse. After the application is reviewed by the Board of Directors, a volunteer will contact the adopter to set up a time to see the facilities.

During the inspection, Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement Home will be looking at the following:

  • Is there clean fresh water containers in addition to any ponds

  • Are pastures free of trash and large enough to support the number of horses kept there 

  • Is there good grazing grass in the pastures

  • Is the fencing sturdy and well maintained

    • Acceptable fencing includes: 

      • Wood, pipe, no climb wire, cattle panels, electric fencing, or other equine friendly fencing material

      • Due to the risk of injuries to the horses, barb wire is not encouraged. If barb wire is used then a non-barbed wire must be used as a top wire and clearly marked with bright colored streamers

  • Is there acceptable shelter for the horses

    • Does the shelter protect the horse from wind, rain, heat, hail, snow, etc.

    • Does the shelter have enough space for the horse to move around, lie down, and hold his/her head at a natural level

    • Is there enough space in the shelter for the number of horses housed there

      • Rule of thumb is a 12ft x 12ft area per horse

Adoption Agreement Terms

Once an adoption is approved the adopter must signed an agreement with Safe Haven Equine Rescue. The terms for this agreement are listed below. Adopter will agree:

  • to providing proper care for the horse including, but not limited to, feed, fresh clean water, shelter, regular Veterinarian and Farrier care.

  • to never sell, trade, give away, or disposed of the horse in any way. If for any reason the horse can no longer be cared for the horse will return to Safe Haven Equine Rescue.

  • that under no circumstances will a refund of the adoption fee be given.

  • to periodic inspections by a Safe Haven Equine Rescue representative with or without notice.

  • to notify Safe Haven Equine Rescue within 30 days in the event of any change of my address or the address where the horse will be located.

  • to treat this horse with love and respect.

  • that no abuse, neglect, or inhumane treatment will be tolerated.

  • that in the event that this horse is found to be abused or neglected while in the care of the adopter Safe Haven Equine Rescue will immediately repossess the horse.

  • that this horse is not being adopted for breeding purposes.

  • to notify Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement Home, Inc. immediately upon the death of my adopted horse.

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