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Recent Rescues

On October 17, 2019, Safe Haven assisted the Wood County Sheriff's Department in picking up 5 horses within that county. All Horses were taken to the Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic for evaluation and brought back to the Rescue Facility. 

The 5 horses include 2 Yearling Colts, 2 Pregnant Mares, and 1 other very thin Mare.

A court date has been set. Will provide more information as we are able.


On July 27, 2017 Safe Haven Equine Rescue was asked to help get a Belgium Quarter Horse cross up off the ground. During a storm the previous night he had reared and flipped over. The owner was able to get him standing and up into a pasture closer to the house for the night. When she awoke in the morning she found that her gelding was laying down again. She had a hard time getting him to stand, but with the help of her neighbors he was up right once more. The Vet was out a little later that day to check on the gelding. The Vet did not see any immediate reason why he should be having a hard time getting up, he pulled blood to run some test. A few hours after the Vet left the gelding was down again, this time the owner could not get him to stand back up. She called Safe Haven and asked for help. A team of 4 volunteers arrived to help the big guy get on his feet again. It took roughly 2 hours for him to stand up. Sadly, 2 days later the owner had to make the hard decision to have him humanly euthanized. It was determined by the vet that he had injured him self beyond repair when he flipped over.    

On May 31, 2017 Safe Haven Equine Rescue was contacted by Law Enforcement in Morris County. They asked that we pick up, hold, and care for a stray horse. Turns out that the horse was a 2 year old mare. She hasn't been handled much but after a few days she is starting to settle in. She does not have a name yet....

Safe Haven Equine Rescue was contacted by St. Landry's Parish Animal Control asking for any help we could provide. They were over loaded with horses and underfunded. Safe Haven Equine Rescue was able to round up 40 bags of feed, 75 square bales of hay, and other miscellaneous supplies. On February 23rd, 2017 Safe Haven Equine Rescue traveled to Opelousas, Louisiana to deliver all these items. The staff at St. Landry's Parish Animal Control was over joyed and appreciated everything. Safe Haven was also able to bring 3 horses back. These horses will be rehabilitated and then available for adoption.




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