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Rescues Helping Rescues

Safe Haven Equine Rescue was contacted on January 19, 2019, by Denning Animal Rescue in St. Augustine, Texas about starving horses. Denning only has experience with small animals therefore needed advice and help on how to capture, transport and rehome roughly 15 horses.

On January 22, 2019, Safe Haven took hay to the horses so they could have something to eat while we found them new homes. Once there, we confirmed there were 16 animals - 13 being miniature horses, donkeys and mules and 3 full size horses.

Safe Haven used their network of animal rescues to coordinate with four other rescues to take 11 of these animals. On Sunday, January 27th, Safe Haven spent approximately 20 hours capturing and transporting 11 miniature horses, donkey and mules to three different drop off sites. These animals were turned over to Happen by Chance Horses out of New Braunfels, Texas, Wyatt's Second Chance Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas, Austin Farm Sanctuary, also in Cedar Creek, Texas, and Cloven Heart Farm Sanctuary in China Spring, Texas.

We greatly appreciate these other rescues for stepping up to rehabilitate thee horses as our facility is full at this time.

This is a great example of rescues working together to make the world a better place for horses.

Safe Haven will continue working to find places for the remaining five horses. Below are links to these rescues for more information:

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