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Gone But Not Forgotten

One of the hardest decisions we ever have to make at Safe Haven is the decision to say goodbye. But, we make that decision knowing that we will see everyone again one day. The brave and majestic horses on this page have crossed the rainbow bridge to greener pastures, even though we don't see them everyday they will always be in our hearts.

Here is a letter written to Jackpot from our Board Secretary Debbie.

Dear Jackpot,

At the time of your rescue we thought we had already seen the "worst it can get". Unfortunately you showed us it could get much worse. You barely walked in, no muscles to hold you up, pain, fear, and hunger-huge hunger! You tolerated those first few days with all the medical needs: washing wounds, rain scald, injections and meds, and that hoof boot. I know you were glad when we were able to start backing off of all that. I know you did not initially have the power to object- but you found it in just a few days. So glad to see you had some fight in you. I looked into your eyes and I know you wondered what you ever did do deserve all that pain. I want you to know that you did nothing wrong. Unfortunately there are humans who just don't care. It is that simple. They just don't care!!! I am so glad that I was able to hug you, tell you that I loved you and no one would ever let you suffer again. I also looked into your eyes and saw that you had a gentle spirit. That is why it was so hard to let go and allow you to cross the Rainbow Bridge. You were only 4 years old!! Did you ever have a happy moment? It was not until that last trip to the Vet that the true extent of your cruelty was revealed. I am so sorry. I am sorry that humans never gave you a chance. I am sorry we found you to late. I know you are well now, and running in lush green pastures. I know you are not in pain. I know you now have happy moments. Please look up Rebel. I know he will be a great friend for you. One day I will also be called home, and when I stop by the Rainbow Bridge to see all my friends who went before me, I sure hope you will be there to greet me.



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