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Robin Reese, Board Member, and recent graduate of Texas A&M Commerce

Robin Reese graduated December 17, 2016, from Texas A&M Commerce with a Bachelors of Science major in equine studies and a minor in animal science. 

Robin's answer to "Why we do what we do?"

"Many of my best memories are focused around horses. Back in high school, I was involved with an Explorer Scout Post that worked with the horses owned by the Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch, located in the Davis Mountains. We would help ride and train horses that were used in trail rides for the Boy Scouts. We spent  many weeks during the summer teaching the boys about horse safety, care, and riding, then they would be able to go on week long cavalcades. The joy on all those faces made all the long days and hard work worth it.

After moving to East Texas, I started school at Texas A&M University Commerce, and their Equine Program reignited my passion for horses. This past December, I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Equine Studies. During my last semester, I became an intern at Safe Haven Equine Rescue. The horses that come in starved, abused, and broken make my heart ache. Seeing them blossom back into healthy, happy individuals again fills me with the most profound happiness. They have so much love left to give, and thanks to Safe Haven, they have the chance to thrive. 

My family has been beyond blessed to have recently adopted 5 of these amazing horses. Dancer, Sunshine, Lil Rebel, Bella, and our baby, Rico have made all of our lives a little brighter! This is why I am involved with Safe Haven Equine Rescue. Helping these horses helps complete me!"  Robin Reese, Board Member

 Robin rides: 

She does rescue training:

She promotes Safe Haven:

She shares her love for horses:

As with all our Board Members, it's impossible to show everything they do here at Safe Haven Equine Rescue.

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