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Meet Shannon Willis, Board Member

Meet Shannon Willis, Veteran and horse trainer.  You will find her at M&M Ranch when she's not working at Safe Haven.  

Shannon was also asked "Why do you do what you do?" Her answer is:

"Through the years I have been saved/rescued, quite literally, by horses so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m a firm believer of paying it forward, so to me rescuing horses is my way of paying it forward for the ones that saved me. Horses truly run through my blood, and my life wouldn’t be what it is without them. I’ve rescued, rehabbed, and re-homed dozens of horses over the years, but volunteering with a horse rescue, such as Safe Haven, means I get to be a part of a larger group of folks, with hearts as big as can be, to help rescue even more horses, and make a bigger impact for these majestic creatures that don’t have a voice of their own. If I could save every horse that needed to be rescued, I would. Since that’s not possible, I’ll continue paying it forward, one horse at a time, until it’s time to cross that rainbow bridge." Shannon Willis, Board Member 

Shannon teaches:

Shannon works:

Shannon trains:

Each Board Member brings a different skill set to enhance the effectiveness of Safe Haven.

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