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Safe Haven is proud to be GFAS Accredited

What is the GFAS?

"The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is an international accrediting body for sanctuaries, rescue centres, and rehabilitation centres. GFAS is a charitable organization whose sole mission is to support and strengthen the work of animal sanctuaries worldwide.  GFAS certification is recognized globally as the gold standard for animal welfare. Organizations certified by GFAS have met standards of excellence that ensure humane animal care and sound management practices. Individuals and foundations increasingly look for GFAS certification when considering their support of animal sanctuaries."   GFAS Brochure

What does it mean to be GFAS Accredited? 

"GFAS has two types of certifications: Accreditation and Verification. Both ensure that the facility has met high standards in areas such as: 

  • humane animal care, including proper nutrition, housing, and handling

  • ethical fundraising practices 

  • ethical acquisition and disposition of animals 

  • prohibition on commercial trade of animals and their parts

  • prohibition on breeding, unless part of a bona do de release and reintroduction program 

  • prohibition on invasive research

For Accreditation, an organization must also meet  standards in areas such as:

  • governance, staffing, and finance

  • education and outreach  

  • existence of written policies

Standards can be viewed on the GFAS website at 

Standards ."  GFAS Brochure

Safe Haven is proud to meet all the standards set by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

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