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Why We Do What We Do - Meet Our Treasurer

Our Treasurer, Kerri Downs, grew up loving and riding horses.  She is a full-time volunteer and mother. In addition to helping at Safe Haven, she helps others with their animals, as well as raising her own.

"Growing up horses were my anchor, they kept me grounded no matter where I moved or who I met. I was blessed to never have witnessed the horrors that the horses at Safe Haven go through. When my daughter asked for a horse I wanted to make sure she understood the responsibility that came with owning a horse. That lead me to Safe Haven. The people here were welcoming and willing to teach my daughter anything she needed to know. That’s when I saw my first starved horse and it broke my heart. I couldn’t believe that anyone could allow an animal to become that thin and poor. As my daughter and I volunteered and watched that horse get its spirit back I knew that I had to do anything in my power to help this organization save more horses. Kerri Downs, Board Treasurer" 

Kerri gives hugs:

She feeds:

Kerri teaches:

She trains:

Our Board Members also fundraise, clean, feed, network and do community outreach.

This is just a glimpse of what keeps our Board Members busy.

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