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Meet James Reed, our Board Vice-President

James Reed is a business owner, rancher, and animal advocate.  

In continuing the "Why We Do What We Do" series, here is James' answer:

"I believe that horses are very unique animals. From a pony at a child’s birthday party, to a Thoroughbred in a race, they can be very entertaining. From a Quarter Horse in the Rodeo, to a Draft on the farm, they can be your greatest co-worker. From a trail riding partner, to a pasture pet, they can be your best friend. Horses have earned respect. I believe that most people get horses for the right reason. However, I believe that a lot of people who get a horse, have no idea of the commitment and cost it takes to care for that horse. I am glad to be a part of Safe Haven to help rescue those horses who got caught up in a right decision that went wrong. Safe Haven is growing not only as a Rescue for neglected horses, but also to rescue large animals from dangerous situations such as fires and floods. I am proud to be a part of that team. 

James Reed, Board Vice President" 

James cleans stalls:

James throws hay and fills water buckets:

He trains:

He works Girl Scout Day:

That's just a little insight into what he does at Safe Haven.  It's impossible to show all the hard work our Board Members and Volunteers put into Safe Haven Equine Rescue.  


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