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Meet our Board Secretary, Debbie

Our Board Secretary is Debbie Fincher.  She has a huge heart for the horses and is very passionate about protecting them.  She cleans stalls, feeds, walks, puts horses in and out, and works the Safe Haven sales table at events.  That is just a few of the things she does.

When asked the "why" questions, she answered:

Barron was a high spirited Thoroughbred horse that resided at some stables in Houston, the same place where we kept our horses. He was owned by some knowledgeable horse people only to be sold/traded to an individual who had a horse but had very limited to no knowledge about the animals she was caring for. She sent Barron off to a “trainer”. I will never forget the evening that Barron was brought back to the stables having been at the trainer’s for some time. He had scar marks all over his body with open sores. He was underweight. He was in pain. However, to me the saddest was when I looked into his eyes and I could see that someone had “broken” his spirit. He kept his head hanging low and had difficulty moving around. I believe it was that moment that I was overwhelmed with a desire and passion to take care of and be a voice for these beautiful creatures. I do not stand in judgement of anyone who owns a horse. I do believe that God gave us dominion over all animals (Genesis 1:26). And I believe that we should do so wisely. Therefore, since man choses to make many animals “domesticated” we have an absolute responsibility to care for them. We must supply them with basic needs such as water, feed and adequate area to move about and provide safety. And last but not least I believe that beating an animal into submission so it will “do what we want it to do” for our human pleasure or entertainment is simply put – wrong. I volunteer at Safe Haven so that I can be there for those horses that have been failed by humans and hopefully “right a wrong”. Debbie Fincher, Board Secretary 

She also takes rescue training:

She gives baths:

She is all about hugs and kisses:

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