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FAQ: Adoptions & Volunteers

Our FAQ series continues with information on adopting horses from Safe Haven and Volunteers.

What is the procedure to adopt a horse?

​An Adoption Application must be completed. You may get one at the facility or you can download one from our website. Once a Horse is chosen for consideration, the Executive Director and/or a Board Member will go to the property to verify that it qualifies. We look for adequate land, fencing, shelter, and a fresh water source. Regardless of experience, we want to make sure you are a good match to the horse and hopefully the horse will have a Forever Home.  Adoption Process & Application What is the Adoption Agreement?

​If a Horse is chosen. Each Adopter is asked to sign an agreement to never sale or trade the Horse. If the Horse is no longer wanted, you agree to contact Safe Haven and return the Horse back to the Rescue.   Adoption Process & Application

How do I get involved?

There are many hands-on opportunities working in the barn and with the horses. We encourage you to become a regular member of our barn volunteers by filling out our volunteer application. For a list of volunteer positions, please click on the application link.  Volunteer Application

We look forward to meeting you as a volunteer, adoption prospect or both. ​ 

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