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Daily Chores

Yes, we have those pesky daily chores!  No matter how we feel, whose tired or sick, the horses come first.  We start about 7 am feeding the horses.  Then they are put out in their pastures, horse health and weather permitting.

Rescue knows exactly where to go.  

Then comes stall cleaning.  All volunteers learn Stall Cleaning 101.  

Dumping the muck, cleaning water buckets and refilling them, throwing hay and pulling feed to give at the evening feeding is next.  Then it's onto whatever needs to be done that day, fence repair, teaching, hauling hay, mowing, buying feed, and/or vet, farrier or dental appointments, just to name a few.

At the close of the day, the horses go back to their stalls and enjoy their feed and hay.

This is a simplified version of the daily routine.  We also are called out on rescues and take rescue training ourselves to continue our education in order to provide the best possible care and assistance to the public.

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight our Board members and share more information about Safe Haven, it's Board members and their love of animals.

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